Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for test can be stressful but since being in college I have developed ways to prepare and not feel so overwhelmed. One thing I noticed causes a lot of stress when test are coming up is finding the time to study with so many classes, so one thing I do is buy a planner and make sure its updated accordingly so I know when a test is coming up rather than being surprised by it. This is only one step into my preparation. The next thing I do is make sure to take time after each class and brush up on what we talked about so I have a good set of notes to base on for lectures and even read the chapter in our books before and after class. This eases studying a bit because now I have a better understanding of whats to come. Finally, I make sure to always prioritize practice and homework these are the key learning parts of what you learned, so if i'm having trouble I know to go back and re-read my book or notes in order to assure I understand the concept, and if I'm still stuck, I use websites and tutors like Mometrix because sometimes it's okay to ask for help!

Cynthia from Washington
College Junior
Eastern Washington University