Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparation is an understanding of not only procedures and material, but one can also understand goals, motivations, and resulting actions. Implementation of practical preparation can excel someone beyond the ensuing test into their professional dreams and future. For me, preparedness comes down to application and knowledge. First off, understanding of a practical and future application are necessary preparation practices. Before I begin to study, it’s important for me to have a suitable reason to do so. Not only would I like a good grade, but I need to understand the concepts and bigger picture of working towards my degree, career, and goals. Predetermined motivation is an effortless preparation that can contribute a noticeable difference. Next, applying a preparedness begins with adequate location. Personally, I enjoy some noise, people, and movement when reading and thinking. Lastly, applications such as practice material, real world utilization, and teaching bring the subject from the classroom to a functional perspective.
Additionally, knowledge is an understanding of the material. Academic and test readiness is dependent on subject proficiency. Preparation in the sense of material comprehension begins days before the test. I begin four/five days in advance of the test with rereading notes and reacquainting myself with the test matter. Once I’m re-familiarized, I begin to dive deeper into the test sections and work through any practice problems. During this process, repetition and competence are essential preparations, but a variety of exposure methods is extremely beneficial. I find engaging multiple senses when preparing is effective. Past lectures or additional instructor video along with rewriting notes or making flashcards are active ways I’ve discovered to add variety. Appealing to different senses exposes one to different learning avenues of the same study content. In closing, my practiced preparations are attributed to application and knowledge.

Kendra from Texas
College Freshman
Baylor University