Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I begin to prepare for a test I do three simple tasks. One, I read the material which is super important and gives you a foundational understanding of the material. Two, I come with stories to help me remember what I learned. An example of this would be the Rhonchi in the Bronchi, Wheezes in Theses and Crackles in the Backles. I know this sounds weird but it helps medical students know what lung sounds are in what parts of the body. Three, I take all of the previous tests, quizzes and homework assignments and I highlight all of the correct answers. I look at each individual questions and ONLY review the correct answer. I find that this technique doesn't confuse me when I take a test and have to decide between two answers. The answer is always familiar because I don't focus on or give any time to the wrong answers. I do this technique over and over again until I can anticipate what the correct answer is then I look only at the correct answer and anticipate what the question asked is. I can review a 100 question test in as little as 30 min and have all of the questions memorized. Sometimes, when I am doing a multi choice homework assignment I will write notes on the multiple choice section stating why it is wrong or what would make that answer correct which could give me additional study materials when reviewing for a test. To be honest I am a horrible test taker and have test anxiety however this method has given me over a 90% test average. I am a Paramedic / CPR / First Aid / Stop the Bleed / Firefighter I & II, International Trauma Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Adult Cardiac Life Support instructor and teach my students to use the same techniques and overall my classes have found this technique very helpful.

Julie from Virginia
College Junior
Columbia Southern University