Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best method of studying, everyone thinks it's constantly reading the textbook or making flashcards, but they never fully understand the topic. Then, when the test results come around and they see that they didn't do as well as they expected, the student becomes distraught. In order for a student to do well on a test, they have to discover the best method of studying. The best study method is to start small and build-up to the big idea and that has worked for me in the past.
The best study method out there is studying in small segments. I start small and then I build-up to the big idea. If a student starts with the big idea, then study all of the tiny details that contributed to it, they become overwhelmed. The way I study is I learn everything I need to know about one issue and I focus on becoming fully aware of just that one topic. Once I am familiar with that subject I move on to the next one. I continue doing this until I have learned all of this information about these different smaller matters, then I apply that to the overall idea of what I will be tested on.
The skill works for me the best because I was a dual credit student receiving college credit in high school. I needed to fully understand everything and be able to apply it to what I am being tested on, so I wouldn’t fail. People who have an issue with studying always focus on just the big idea and are getting a basic amount of information on the subject that they never really understand the way they should.
After many years of figuring out which way of studying works best for me, I came to the conclusion that starting small then expanding my knowledge is the best way to study. This skill works the best for me because I’m able to become aware of something first and then I start piecing together on how that makes the overall idea happen.

Kristin from Texas
High School Senior
Midlothian Heritage High School