Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For me personally the best test preparation practices are through flashcards. There is a study about how if someone repeats a fact for three to seven times, they will remember it. I find that flashcards are the best way for me to quickly understand a topic. My favorite way to use flashcards is through Quizlet. Quizlet has been my number one resource for all my study needs. Ever since I was introduced to online flashcards in sixth grade, I have always longed to find the best resource for all my rigorous courses and challenging exams. I tried dozens of websites but still could not find anything better than a genuine, old-school, note card flashcard written on paper. Then during eighth grade a friend introduced me to Quizlet and I have never left it for anything study related. Flashcards have always been the go to when I need a quick study before any exam. I have even pulled multiple all-nighters preparing for any hard test I may have the next day. For me, flashcards saved my academic career.

Will from North Carolina
High School Senior
Weddington High School