Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Good afternoon. I would like to tell everyone that hands down the best way to study is with a small group and playing a home version of Jeopardy. The way it works is someone that is not practicing for whatever the exam is or someone that has recently taken the exam sets up the Jeopardy game on computer software like PowerPoint or word or even a flashcard style set up. They have the questions on one side and play exactly as you see on TV. Not only does this study style allow groups to study together but it builds comradery. It excites competitiveness. The game unlocks your ability to think under pressure and really instilling the knowledge being studied. For me, the reason that it works so well is that I am very competitive and want to beat whoever I am playing with even if there really is no prize at the end of the tunnel.

Michael from Colorado
College Freshman
Western Gov Univ