Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I always start studying weeks in advance for tests. For my standardized tests like AP exams of the SAT, I get books from Princeton and will read through those. For College Board tests as well, the offer khan academy which I go through to make sure I'm prepared. For the tests in my class, I always do the study guide. My teachers often will give one out a few days before the test and we will work on them in class and ask questions. I have always been a thorough note taker so I look through those. With my notes, I wait until I am reviewing them with the study guide to highlight this way I know what I actually am looking for the next time I sit down to study, After those two things are done, I will make review books using index cards. This is where I will write down all the information I will need for the tests for the chapter or section we have been working on. These are what I will take with me on test day as a last check to make sure I have everything I need going into the test. If I have any questions, this is also the time I will ask for clarification about the topic I need help on. If it's something that I don't understand at all however, I make sure to either spend more time on it when I am doing my notes or I will sit down with my teacher and ask questions. Some of my classes, such as my AP Biology class, I have a group of friends that get together to study and ask questions. I am a social person by nature, so this is what I feel helps me the most when reviewing for the bigger tests and exams I have as a high school student.

Jayden from Michigan
College Freshman
Central Michigan University