Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Over the years I have taken a plethora of challenging courses that require substantial studying. I have been able to conquer these challenging courses with my devout study habits. Over the past twelve years of schooling, I have developed a strategic studying method that utilizes flashcards, memory games, practice quizzes/tests, and note taking. I utilize eloquent note taking skills in order to sift through the overload of information to determine the key aspects of certain units. I then study these broad topics with notecards. Once I feel comfortable with the broad topics, I begin to dig into the finer concepts with memory games. I will create a memory game with subheadings. I use the broader topics as the headings and the specific information as the subheadings. After I can confidently recall all of this information by memory, I create practice quizzes and tests to ensure that I can recall this information in a timely manner. In doing this, I can comfortably take the test knowing that I have mastered the information and I will be able to preform in the time given.

Rachel from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Owen J Roberts High School