Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation starts days before the actual exam. The process can be well planned out and beneficial, or last minute and a gamble. My favorite preparation begins with a schedule. I would plan out the days I have to study and give myself some spare days. After planning out the days in advance, I would finally start reviewing my notes. Depending on the length of the material, notes would take up approximately 3 days. While reviewing, I would also go over unfamiliar concepts and vocabulary. This ensures complete comprehension. I can additionally create flow charts or bullet points to connect big ideas and understand how one idea ties into another. This step is optional, but effective enough to help me visualize the information in a simplified manner. After the few days of going over the notes and materials, the next 1-2 days will be spent searching through outside sources. I would look over and take notes from as many outside sources as possible. All those study guides, flash cards, and online review videos could be helpful for my exam and it is already available for use; therefore, it is worth taking advantage of those example sources. The last 1-2 days before the exam would be left for an overview of the lessons and material. There should be no cramming or efforts to intake even more information. I find it best to relax and go over the general ideas of the test with the remaining days. It would not be as effective to try to learn or remember more with the exam date coming up soon. So, the big point behind that schedule is to consistently review information leading up to the exam date. By learning and attempting to memorize the material everyday, it would ease the intake of dense texts and increase memory retention. If the student is studying on the daily, the forgetting curve will be reduced. This method is generally my favorite because it is applicable achievable for any student. If the time and effort is put in, the results would most likely reflect.

Leyna from California
High School Senior
La Quinta High School