Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Over the years I have tried many different methods to study. Now as I am entering my senior year of college, I have finally find the methods that help me to Ace every test. My favorite study test prep is a complex system of many different study techniques to make sure I become an expert in the subject I am studying for. I first start by making flash cards through tools like Quizlet. Quizlet allows me to make flash cards very fast. I also like how they randomize it for you and give you the opportunity to star the ones you need more review for. After I feel like I have my flash cards down, I read through my notes out loud. By reading them out loud I feel like I concentrate more on the little details and I don’t just rush through it to say that I did it. Once I feel like I have a good grasps of the materials I try to make acronyms or mnemonic devices for the information that I know will be together. This helps me make links and connection between the information that has many different parts that go together. My last method of studying is to pretend like I am teaching all of the information I studied to someone else. I give myself a broad topic of the chapter or materials I am studying and explain it to a friend or a family member like I am an expert on that subject. If no one is around I will draw diagrams and pretend I am giving a lesson to a class. This solidifies that I know all the information and exposes the areas that I need to study more. By teaching it back to someone or myself, I expose what I do and don’t actually know. Once I can teach back every broad topic and explain it down to the specific details that is when I know that I am ready. I have found that by using the only one method of study like flash cards you often memorize key words that give the answer away to you but you may not truly know all of the information needed. I believe that using several different methods of study allows you to remain focus and not just go through the motions. Over the many years of school I have endured, I have used many different study methods and I found that they are all great. However, for me they work best when I use them all together so I can focus better and make sure I understand what I am studying.

Jadan from Georgia
College Junior
University of Georgia