Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I used Mometrix when I had Math TSI in my junior year it helped me get ready for the testing I had for the next two weeks. In correction, I didn't pass the test, but it doesn't mean the practice wasn't for nothing as a senior in high school I will take it again, but with better preparation for the test, I for sure will pass it. I mean one has to have a preparation of some sort if you plan to pass a test or exam that you are worried about. This website gives me short questions on math problems and it helps going back and seeing how I did wrong, because how can you learn if it's not by looking back at your mistakes and knowing what to do better next time. For tests, I would study through flashcards or a mini test through a website called Quizlet and it would give me words to match it and spelling, so I can better understand phrases. Just any website that can help you with your subject, for when I was in middle school I would use IXL.com for math help as I would struggle with math. And with that website, I got through the lessons that we had based on our grade level and it made me get A honor roll that year and strive to get better grades. Because we live in a technological world, you can always rely on websites like YouTube, Quizlet, and others to help you better understand your class lessons if you don't understand them or need help. For me know in college, I just take notes and if those don't work try to ask for help if it doesn't we always have the internet to find practices that could work for the subject we are doing. Great test preparation practices can very much help you if you are not satisfied with your test grades and you want better grades. Wanting to be better is always in the back of our minds, so why not using preparation practices as they can benefit in the long run and give satisfactory approval to the test taker. This is why it can let you be less nervous about the test that you will take if you were prepared for it and future tests.

Melissa from Texas
High School Senior
Pilot Point High School