Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Some of my test preparation practices would be Quizlet, Kahoot and colorful notes. They are the greatest because the Quizlet allows you to create your own study cards and there's different types of methods you can us to help you studying in different ways such as : practice test, flash cards, or even games. Next, Kahoot gives you the insight of studying and it allows you to study and grade you on the things you may have gotten wrong. These two are online apps which are great for test preparation. I've always used these throughout my school years of High school and they never failed me yet. Whenever a test came, I would hop on these apps and allow them to teach me from my mistakes. Usually, I would use important notes and create different questions and also use a study guide then jot the questions down throughout the app.
My finally study tip/tool I use to prepare for a test would be colorful notes. Colorful notes, allows students to see them visually and to have fun with them. For me, colorful notes allow me to see what's important and what's not. Usually colorful notes allow me to see the differences between all my notes and color code them based on the different sections, strengths, weakness, things I need to go back over, and etc. Notes are a person's best friend. Notes gives you more of the insight on what actually was learned and allows you as the student to go back and review. But Quizlet and Kahoot, takes the future steps of having fun while learning you important information for your test.
These test preparation will save grades immediately, I've always made sure that I was specific about all my notes especially when it came to future test or quizzes. These test preparations allowed to view and study my notes all in different ways and still gain the knowledge from each preparation. I was taught to use colorful notes as a senior in high school, now I'm currently a rising Sophomore in college and colorful note have brighten my pathway and grade

Tyara from Virginia
College Freshman
Thomas Nelson Community College