Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I did not consider myself a good test taker throughout my middle school years and part of my time as a high schooler. However, during my last two years of high school I began taking the ACT and SAT. Although I had high enough scores to get into my dream college, I knew that I could do better and a higher score would allow me to receive scholarship money. In high school and middle school, I used flashcards to write terms and definitions down. This strategy really helped me in high school so I decided to use flash cards in preparing for my SAT and ACT. I wrote down vocab, math, science, and reading questions down from practice tests that I took and did not get correct. This strategy has helped me tremendously in improving my test scores and has allowed me to feel more confident in myself. Another strategy like to use is taking many timed practice tests. This allows me to be under the same time constraints and pressure as I will experience in the real test setting. Tests can make us uncomfortable and we must do our very best to prepare for the day of the test. I will continue to use these successful test test taking skills in my collegiate career.

Lauren from West Virginia
High School Senior