Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test to many people can be very stressful, but for me after years of practice from highschool to now I think I have discovered ways that help me feel less stressed out. For all my classses I make sure to look over the syllabuses so I know the date of each of my exams. I make sure to put it down on my calender so they will never catch me off guard. Each week after each class I set aside time for homework and especially studying. My studying consist of flash cards for vocabulary words, videos for math problems and color coding my notes for an easy read once I got back home. To go into more detail about my notes, I have a big header plus the date so I can tell what day and what lesson was learned and taught. The coding switches colors between vocabulary words, main events, people, important information, etc it just depends on what class I am taking. This helps me out because before I used to do this I would struggle to remember what was important during that class. Now with this method I can study more efficiently and more effectively. Other than being prepared with my notes before test I also have methods the day before and of the test. The day before I do a light study so I do not overwhelm my brain. I go over the things I already know and focus more on the stuff that gives me trouble. Once I am done with that I make sure to go to bed earlier than I normally do. The next day I make sure to eat breakfast and make sure to make it to class early enough to check my supplies and maybe do a little extra review in the time we have before the exam. This has been my test preparation for my last couple of semesters while in college and it is help me a lot by relieving my anxiety about taking tests!

Zandt from California
College Sophomore
Ventura College