Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation practices differ from individual to the next. Nonetheless, there are a few constants no matter who you are and what the content. Environment, snacks, set up and mental wellness all play an important role in your preparedness. Your environment should be conducive to retention- quiet or soothing noise, to relax your mind and open it for retention. I suggest, quiet or white noise, noise that fades into the background. Some need all quiet, some need a little noise.
Snacking always helps, a salt and a sweet if you can. I suggest a salty snack and a sweet drink. My personal favorite is sunflower seeds and Iced coffee. Now, if you don't have snacks on hand, I suggest chewing gum or candy, and although it may be frowned upon- caffeine. Now, whatever you eat while studying, keep a bit to snack on during the test (if permitted). It helps with memory.
Be sure to have a clean space set up to study as your mind will wander and look for a distraction, especially if the content that you are reviewing is dull. You may find yourself tidying, instead of focusing on content review.
Take a moment to reset focus as you sit down to study. Take a few deep breaths exhaling slowing, speak yourself on what you want to accomplish. This is not a long drawn out task. Deep breath and a pep talk.
Prep practice criteria that has consistently assisted in helping me, is how I review the content to be tested. I focus more on what is heavily weighted on exam, I review ALL content, but to ensure that I get and retain what is most heavily tested, I write out, not type out, the important facts. I then review with flash cards on the crucial facts. I hand make (old school) flash cards, meaning write them out, OR I type them using a fill in the blank (yes it seems elementary) but it works.
To review. in short.
SETUP (clean space complete with writing instrument and index cards)
MENTAL PEP TALK (complete a few deep breaths and slow exhales)

Kirstie from Arizona
College Junior
Western Governor University