Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for tests has always been an open ended question for me that never provided any answers. I used to rewrite my notes over and over, hoping that my brain would absorb them. I never ended up having much success with that method. I have recently transitioned to physical and digital flashcards. This method has seemed to work really well for procedures and vocabulary memorization. Another test preparation practice that has helped me is practice, practice, practice! I also like to make charts and learn to fill them in by memory. Whether it is writing definitions, or learning mnemonics. For subjects like math and chemistry sometimes you can't always just memorize words. I like to get worksheets and run through them many times until they seem to be too easy. And like every student probably does also, I love to cram last minute before my exams to make sure I know every last thing that we’ve been taught! I have learned that I learn really well when I am able to visualize the information.

Taylor from Washington
High School Senior
Spokane Valley Tech