Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for a test, I don't even think about it the night before. I know for myself, if I try to learn and cram in all the material I am supposed to know I will not remember anything. I try to space out my studying over a few nights. The night before I put the whole test right out of my mind. Stress can be bad for your body and as a college student, if I stressed over all the test and quizzes I had my cortisol levels would be extremely high!
If you do everything in your power to calm yourself and ease your mind, it will help you on your test.
I also tend to eat many of my favorite foods while I study. I feel like it helps me concentrate, plus who doesn't love to enjoy their favorite foods? I have worked hard to get good grades throughout my college experience as I am sure most others have too. I try to prepare myself almost daily for any test I may have. When I have an online exam I try to make sure that I will be able to take it where it is quiet and where I am alone. Studying can be a challenge at times, due to my crazy life
I am excited to begin my journey with Respiratory Therapy and I know that in my career I will be making a difference in other's lives.

Julianna from New Hampshire
College Freshman
River Valley Community College