Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As someone who is/has taken very heavy material classes, I've learned a couple of strategies over the course of these years. The best tip that I can offer when it comes to preparing for an exam is to have a good pre-preparation. What I mean is your notetaking. In my opinion, if you don't have good notetaking skills then your preparation for the exam will be much more difficult for yourself. Notetaking can go either way. Your professors/teachers can be nice and give you notes beforehand on what they will be teaching which I personally look over before the class and print out. I like printing my notes out and writing on the given material or overall writing my notes rather than using a device to type them out. As I learned, it was scientifically proven that if you write out your notes or something that you want to remember, you are more likely to remember what you wrote instead of what you type out. How I prepare out of class is all based on what the brain or myself can handle. I make the effort of reorganizing my notes after class by rewriting them and going over them again. The brain can hold up to 1,000 bits of information at a time. With that being said, I've learned that cramming doesn't effectively help before an exam and I've taught myself to get into the habit of looking over my notes almost every night before an exam to fully absorb the information. Another thing I like to do to prepare fully is to reteach the information in my own words. When you teach the information to someone else or in my case, my dog, it sticks more because you were able to explain the material in your own words and the way you understand it. When your dog gives you that look of satisfaction, that means you were able to explain the material correctly. But when she looks as confused as you are, then you need to review some more. In conclusion, get a dog. Or any animal that'll replicate your facial emotions.

Giselle from New Jersey
College Sophomore
Rowan University