Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation took me awhile to figure out, as a college student with a learning disability I went through many trials and errors. However, I know I have discovered the perfect one. I asked many upper level college students what is there studying style and I even asked professors for help as well. I kept on running into the same thing, it was all basically the same thing, review your material practice etc. I tired that and it never worked. My spring semester at NJIT I wanted to try something different I wanted to have a study preparation that fit my needs. As a student with a reading disability and ADHD I knew right off the bat this was going to be difficult.
Through my accommodations I receive I am allowed to record lectures, As I re-listen to my lectures and take notes I also make critical thinking questions that I add to my quizlet sections once I'm finished. Which brings me to my next point because of my reading disability I find writing flashcards and reading them to be a struggle that's why I use a program called quizlet. I have a quizlet folder depending on my chapter exam and within my quizlet folder I have subcategory sets that are labeled. When I am studying if I know I am struggling with one part, instead of scrolling through my flashcards I just chose that set I want to review. When I study on quizlet not only am I understanding the material but being tested on critical thinking questions I came up with and got from the lecture.

Victoria from New Jersey
College Freshman
New Jersey Institute of Technology