Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is a key aspect of collegiate life that is often overlooked when learning how to go through the motions of college. My test preparation begins the moment I learn of a test. I enter the date into Google Calendar so I get alerts every week it draws near, I’ve learned I will forget it without a calendar entry and having it sync across all my devices is an added bonus. From there I make sure I take notes marking what I need to study the most as I go. This helps me avoid studying content that I am already readily familiar with, and keeps me on track as I study. Once I have taken the notes on the material for the test, I set a specific time to go to a location and study. Having a set time allows for me to schedule my day and not feel overwhelmed when I begin- if I am overwhelmed I never retain the content I am studying.

Once I get to where I have planned to study, I let my friends know I am working so that I don’t have any distractions. I then go through my notes that are already marked! I normally bring a white board and create some practice questions to answer during studying so that I can go through them when I am done. Having a set of practice questions lets me get an idea of how prepared I am for the test, and it lets me know what I need to go back over. I usually repeat this process till test day, or until I have gotten all my practice questions correct. I typically will meet up with classmates the night before the test and go over last minute topics and questions so that way I have more than just my own notes and questions! This helps me feel confident for the test the next day so that I sleep well and don’t double take on my questions.

Lastly, on the morning of the test I will go through my notes one last time at breakfast. I’ve found this tactic has increased my average score by around 5 points, so I’ve made it a regular part of my schedule!

While this won't work for everyone, it works best for me and has helped many friends as well.

AJ from South Carolina
College Freshman
College of Charleston