Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Something that has really helped me with studying for tests is Khan Academy. There is rarely something we are covering in class that khan academy doesn't cover. Especially for the SAT, Khan academy got me through that time. Additionally, I always plan out how long I am going to study for a test per day on a worksheet. If I know I don't have to study all at once, it makes it easier to study a little bit each day. Third, if I am struggling with a concept, I always ask a tutor if they are offered. It is so much easier to ask someone for help instead of struggling through the lessons. Four, do not underestimate study groups. While they can turn into just hanging out sometimes, it is important to have peers who hold you accountable to your academic goals. These are what I have used for test preparation.

Lili from Washington
High School Senior
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