Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Taking tests is something that gives everyone some anxiety. It's just natural. There are many test taking strategies that can help assist you so that you can be prepared for any upcoming exam. These test preparation strategies consist of flash cards, a study buddy, reviewing notes, and even being well rested and having a healthy breakfast to better prepare you for an exam you have. Having a study buddy has always been my favorite type of way to study because it's more fun and your buddy can help you with things you don't know. Usually my study buddies tell me their ways of remembering something and sometimes it's just bizarre but hey, whatever helps is important to me! Although studying with a friend is always my preferred way to study, I don't always have someone so instead, I make my own flash cards. Honestly, flash cards can be difficult sometimes but in the end, that work transfers to the exam and my hard work pays off. It's a great way to help remember something and sometimes it even feels like a memory game which makes it more fun. Something I see peers do is they decorate or color their flash cards and it always amazes me to learn my classmates strategies when it comes to preparing for an exam. I also like to review something small everyday so that I am not forgetting information I've learned. This helps me when it comes time to study with a friend or when I need to make flash cards. Anything that will help me be prepared for an exam really helps me. I love hearing about other ways people like to to prepare for an exam because maybe it would help me. Tests can make me very nervous but my study habits really help make it easier when test day arrives.

Matthew from Arizona
College Freshman
University of Arizona