Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whenever I am preparing for a test I try to teach the content to one of my classmates. Not only does this show me just how well I actually know the content by applying it, but it also helps another classmate who might have as firm of a grasp on the content. Specifically, one time while I was studying for a calculus test, one of my classmates came over and asked me to explain how to solve integrals in my own words. This way, I was more easily able to articulate my thoughts and get things straight in my head. Even though he had attended extra help with the teacher after school, the way he taught was too wordy for him. I sat with him and went through the review packet. For every type of problem, I would explain how to do it in layman’s terms and then do it out in front of him. I soon learned that by teaching someone else how to do a problem, I was able to better understand integrals myself. By the end of our review session, we both had a better grasp of the content. The next day when the time came to take the test, both my classmate and I passed with flying colors.

Xavier from Massachusetts
High School Senior
St. John's Prep