Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My first step when preparing for an upcoming exam is to acquire the information needed. Usually these are provided with the use of powerpoints and lectures. In my experience of classes covering harder topics I found it harder to realize what I don’t know rather than what I do. As I'm taking notes on the presentations or lectures I make a list of questions that just randomly pop into my head about the subject. After the class period is finished I supplement the notes I have already taken with the answers to the questions I wrote down. When I finally have all the information I start categorizing it into subtopics. Once the information is gathered and organized I start cutting down the excess material that I believe is not important to focus on the topics that the class prioritizes.
Once all of this is done I start to implement active learning techniques, as reviewing the notes I made wouldn’t be as effective. To do this I create flashcards using the app Anki. This app uses the method of spaced repetition to help separate and learn the material. The technique involves taking information that you need to memorize and repeating it across increasing intervals. Information that is recalled easily appears at wider intervals, while information that a learner is struggling with gets shorter intervals. This method allows me to go through hundreds of cards in the most effective way possible. Along with these cards I complete sample test questions found in the textbook or old exams that the teacher has released.
The way I study differs with each subject. I use my strategy described above for science and social classes. For math I will do a majority of practice problems and a minority of Anki cards to memorise formulas. For English it’s mostly Anki cards to remember all of the devices. Even though there are differences, the template that I use for my studies has worked for me. I will continue to use it and find ways to refine the techniques so I can maximize the efficiency.

Abraham from Georgia
High School Senior
Kell High School