Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am a hands-on visual learner. I have found that my favorite ways to prepare for a test are through diagrams, flashcards, and videos. Using things like a whiteboard, study videos, and flashcards are not only extremely effective in helping me prepare the material for a test, but it gets me excited and invested in learning about the subject. I enjoy using a whiteboard to draw out things like a process in biology or drive and equation in math. I find that videos allow me to hear information from a different angle so that I can truly immerse myself in what it is I am learning. Finally, I love flashcards because they help me bring my studying with me. Life can get busy, but that should not prevent me from preparing for tests because I do not have my textbook. Flashcards provide me with constant support and reference for my studying on the go. These are the things that work for me now. But as I enter college and take new courses, I will find new things that are beneficial to me. For me, test prep should be constantly evolving and adapting to my current work classes.

By finding the methods of test prep that help me best, my studying not only becomes more effective, but it seems less like a chore because I genuinely enjoy it. In the end, a singular test I take will not determine the rest of my life. But, becoming a life long learner will guide me and allow me to get the most out of the things I enjoy. My test prep practices do just that for me.

Anna from New York
High School Senior
Bethlehem Central High School