Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I prepare for a test in all different ways depending on what type of test that I am taking. If the test is a vocabulary test I either make a Quizlet or make flashcards and go through them every night up until the test so I can memorize them, that is the best way I remember vocabulary words. If a teacher gives me a practice test I will make extra copies of it and take the test every night before the test so I can have a good feeling about what is going to be on the test. This helps me out a lot because most practice tests are very similar to the actual test. If I don't have either one of those I will take any notes that I have for that section and reread them every night and then the night before I will go through and rewrite the notes because, in my opinion, it helps me memorize the information and get used to it. Those are the best ways that help me prepare for a test and get a good grade on them.

Makenna from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Central Mountain High School