Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For me, studying is all about creating the most comfortable and stress-free space possible to ensure that I am able to prepare for the test effectively. At the same time, people need to be able to focus in their study space. By making the study space designed to feel comfortable but also allow for serious work, people are able to prepare and perform their best.
One key to productive working environment for me is always proper lighting. It sets the tone for the room which affects the mood you are in when you study. Ypu want enough light to allow you to see all of your work on paper and on screen clearly, while not having too much or too bright of a light. Too much light can feel uncomfortable which will decrease your ability to focus. I reccomend using a large-lamp.
In addition to a properly lit space, you want to keep clean and organized tone in the room, which means no clutter or miscellaeous objects. These are distractions and will detract from the focus on the material you are trying to learn.
Once you actually begin studying, utilize the material that you reviewed in class to prepare for the test. Teachers do not teach unimportant or miscellaneous information in class; they are providing the most important and relevant information. Activelyu re-work problems sets and write out concepts and major themes in preparation for short-answer/long response writing questions. To best understand your notes, read through them thoroughly a few times, and then attempt to re-write a summary of themes and key terms from the notes an hour later. Repeat this process in the the week days leading up to your test. Most teachers give at least a week's notice for tests in high school, so begin preparing a schedule for about 20-30 minutes of reviewal and then another 15 minutes for summarizing later. Do this in the 3-4 days leading up to the test and you will be well prepared for any exam.

Joshua from New Jersey
High School Senior
Phillips Exeter Academy