Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a STEM student, I have had to learn quite a bit about which test preparation practices work best for me. Proper test preparation has helped me build both my ability to recall and apply information to different types of questions along with retaining what I am learning information in the long-term. My favorite test preparation practices to accomplish these things are creating flashcards and a hand-written study guide and forming study groups to have others to learn from and teach.
Creating my own flash-cards and a hand-written study guide both help me to recall and review information for a test. I do use online tools to help me build flashcard sets if I am trying to review a large number of terms. I will create handwritten notecards to either remember a smaller number of terms or more general topics. I review these with a friend or using the computer and mark terms I do not know to review later. Also, I always like to create hand-written study guides that focus on topics a professor may review that I had more trouble with during class. I use both these strategies when I am beginning to study for a test because both help me focus on topics or terms I find difficult. To ensure I fully understand the material and can apply and explain, I also like to form study groups to review with others. This helps me check my understanding by explaining things to others without simply repeating things from a study guide. This group environment also helps me learn from others and possibly correct my understanding if it is misguided. Combining these two strategies help me prepare for the rigor of my tests and exams especially during finals.
While creating my own flashcards and study guide along with study groups helps me study, many students use different strategies. What is important is finding the strategies that work for a student and their unique learning style.

Olivia from Arizona
College Junior
The University of Arizona