Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I have to prepare for a test, there are a couple of things I like to do to prepare. The most important part of my test preparation is to take good notes of the reading. I make sure that I fully understand what I am reading, and take clear, concise notes of the parts I need help remembering, such as formulas or definitions. This way, I have a good base for my study guide later.
Closer to the test, I make a study guide based on the topics that I still have trouble with. I read through this study guide many times in the days leading up to the test, and, if possible, right before the test as well. I like adding illustrations and colors to my study guides because it helps me visualize the ideas I am learning. My study guides are usually between one and three pages long, depending on the length of the topics being covered.
In addition to having good study guides, I am also a big fan of flashcards. When I have to memorize definitions or equations, I like making flashcards to help me study. This way, I can keep the cards with me throughout my day and study when I have spare time. It also makes it easier for others to quiz me on the concepts I am learning even if they are not in the same class.
These practices work well for me because I am a very visual and kinesthetic learner. I learn best when I can see the concepts presented to me, and even better if I can interact with them. Flashcards and study guides allow me to see and touch the things I am studying, which helps me understand them better. Making models or interacting with materials helps me interact and cement the idea in my brain. Once I have a grasp of the general concept, it becomes easy for me to understand the more detailed concepts surrounding it.
These test preparation practices have served me well throughout my educational career. I have received great grades in all of my classes, and I have very rarely failed a test or class. I look forward to using them in college, though I am always open to improvement

Raena from Washington
High School Senior