Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Upon entering high school I quickly was able to experience the benefits of studying among others. The trick was simple: study with those who know more than you. Most people feel very uncomfortable with the idea of being with students who may know the content slightly better, but placing yourself in a group with higher standards gives you the opportunity to strive up rather than stoop down. My personal favorite group study method was simply a brain dump. One specific section of the content was chosen and then from start to finish everyone simply speaks out any single detail or information no matter how small about the given subject. Once that subject had been completely broken down, a new one was chosen and the same method was repeated. I quickly noticed how much information I had absorbed simply by having key information recited in a group the night before. This follows the basic psychological theories of latent learning, a form of learning that occurs unintentionally.
One study method that I developed in middle school and have used ever since is repetition. The most common is typically flash cards. Flash cards are a great way to cram knowledge. The trick with studying with flashcards is making your own pile. I have found through personal experience that while writing flash cards by hand on my own, I am learning and memorizing the material subconsciously. Another form of repetition studying I found to be effective was to simply rewrite any notes I had taken or been given. One final form of studying I have found to be beneficial is association, studying that pairs bits of knowledge in order to memorize facts. The most beneficial and effective way I have used association studying is by making posters. By making posters, I organize all the information I need to learn by blocking creating a visual representation of the material. I have often found myself able to visualize the poster and recall information based on where it was I wrote it during exams.

Bianca from Georgia
High School Senior
Mill Creek High School