Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for tests is what helps students score higher and obtain more knowledge. Whenever it is time for me to take a test, I prepare mentally, physically, and I get my brain prepared to learn and know the knowledge being asked.
I study for the test when given the material and look over it every night so I am better prepared for a test. Sometimes I make flashcards and use Quizlet to quiz myself on my knowledge of the subject and to not procrastinate which results in a bad grade. I make sure to read all the topics involved in the portion of the test being taken to expect anything that may come up. Designating certain times for studying and creating clues to help memorize important information.
The morning before I believe it is important to eat a big breakfast that allows for the brain to be focused on taking the test rather than hunger. The night before I review the material and go to sleep order in order to concentrate better in the morning or whenever the test is handed out. Before the test it is important for me to drink water and use the bathroom so avoid any altercations during the test.
I tend to arrive early to the test center or class as it is important to make sure that nothing is missing and I have my required materials needed such as a pencil or pen.
Overall, I tend to prepare for a test and review the material to ensure I make the best grade possible.

Khari from Texas
College Freshman
Houston Community College