Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am not the best test taker but I tend to do well on tests I prepare for in advance. I’m not talking about cramming the night before or discussing possible test questions with your classmates before class, I’m taking about after school lessons, online resources and additional review of class notes. When I know I have a very important test coming up I will schedule an after school “coach class” with the teacher to receive extra tips and study materials as soon as possible. When I go home during the weeks or days before the test, I will review my own personal class notes. I will annotate my notes and aim for understanding a full topic before moving on to the next study section. After I review my personal notes I will search online for flashcards and matching games on “Quizlet”. I will go over the notes someone else created on the test material in case I missed something in my own personal notes. These test preparation I go through before a test makes me feel more confident on my ability to score a high grade on the test, which will hopefully turn out to be a positive correlation. These strategies work for me and I hope someone else can use them to help get over their testing difficulty or is in search of good study habits.

Donovan from Maryland
High School Senior
Pikesville High School