Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Testing can be very rewarding. I believe that, if you look at testing as a reward and not as something to dread or fear your preparation and expectation will be different. Often how you view any situation has a huge impact on the outcome. My testing preparation begins with of course the content or subject matter that I will be tested on. I ask myself what is the concept or the product of this information, what do I want to walk away knowing. And what will I be able to influence others with or argue what I believe about the subject. I prepare by reading the material. The first read is for the overall content and the story or message being told. Then I read it again for highlights almost like bullet points. I make a list of those high lights and ensure they are joined together one to the other logically. After that, I read again for any small information that ensures the logical order is correct. The next step is to prepare memory joggers on the items in the bulleted list. Then I began testing myself based on the length of time that I have been given to take the test. Usually, the teacher tells us how questions will likely be asked on the test. Test questions can be formatted in many different ways, so I try to make up questions around those bullet points. The days leading up to the test I prepare myself by getting adequate sleep and staying hydrated. I see my teacher and ask for extra help to confirm my understanding of the material. I rehearse and tell myself that I will do well and that all things that I have studied will come back to my remembrance. I focus only on a positive outcome and see myself passing the test. To help my study habits, I utilize Quizlet for an organized and efficient study session. I also use a method called distributed practice which involves there study of different subjects to test my brain's ability to retain the information studied. I also found that studying for 15-30 minutes at a time is also effective for me.

Jean-Pierre from Maryland
High School Senior
Friends School Of Baltimore