Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The mathematics field always appealed to me. You memorize an equation, plug in the numbers, get an answer, and you are done. This, oversimplified, but straight-forward thinking that leads to a single correct answer is so appealing to me. I know I’m not the only one who finds comfort in knowing that if I follow the exact steps I will ultimately be led to the correct answer. Unfortunately, the exact opposite of these concepts applies to English Language courses. Naturally, I grew a fond dislike for the subject. It would take me days to write a sub-par essay that I crammed too much information into and made my paper an unorganized mess. I hoped to craft a perfect sentence that my reader would interpret and understand just as I intended. With so much room for error and the endless possibilities, I would procrastinate any English related studying until it was too late. Why couldn’t there be an equation for English?

I now know that English does have an equation for itself. Take the thesis sentence, supporting quotations, and closing sentence for example. They represent the numbers of an equation and arguably, the most important part of any essay. Regardless of this, they do not make up an equation on their own. These sentences are all connected through the use of mathematical symbols that represents explanations and analysis. These sentences build upon your quotes and express their importance while tying them back to your thesis. Regardless of how many of each component you have, no equation is complete without the other.

Thanks to the help of old exams and practice problems, I have become a stronger writer who no longer fears essays. Just like how I would routinely practice math problems to solidify my learning of a new topic, I strengthen my writing skills through practice prompts and the revision of old papers. Study guides that apply what you learn by formatting questions and essays similarly to the exam have undoubtedly excelled my performance on test day.

Caroline from Rhode Island
College Sophomore
The University of Georgia