Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When taking a test it is very important to have some sort of way to practice and prepare so you can achieve a good grade for that test. What I do when it comes to practicing is to start studying a few nights before the test. I quiz myself to see what I can remember easily and what I can't. I worry less about what I can remember easily and work to remember what I wouldn't remember by doing something like associating it with a song or some other memory. Once I am able to figure out everything I quiz myself again to see if I did retain that knowledge and if I do, I repeat it until I can do it without thinking about it. I do it some more the night before the test and then a little bit the morning before the test proper.
This is a really good practice for me because I can see what I know well and what I don't so I can focus more of my efforts on what gives me trouble. I personally am very musically inclined so associating a song with the content helps me to remember it even if it's as small as listening to a song while studying. This combination of preparation practices helps me to ensure I get a good grade on my tests almost every time I use it. It's always the best way for me to study so that's why it's my favorite test preparation practice.

Danny from Georgia
High School Senior
Kell High School