Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Hello my name is Joshua and throughout my 17 years on earth; you can say I've taken a lot of tests. I've never been the best at taking tests, I would usually get extremely nervous while test-taking. Sophomore year I started to ask my teachers, students, and the internet for studying techniques. I got a bunch of suggestions from creating flashcards to color-coding notes. All these techniques never really worked for me except for actual practicing and applying the subject to something I'm passionate about. Cause in general when someone has a passion for something they tend to put more effort and they are more focused when it comes to learning about their passion or something that relates to it.
I have a couple of hobbies which are cooking, building, coding, and sports. For example when I would have a test for geometry, I would relate it to be building a table. I would put myself in scenarios where I would have to use a geometric equation that I had trouble with on a personal project. So it would force me to learn and focus on how to use the equation so when it comes to the test I know how to tackle the problem. I would take this method of relating, applying, and practicing when it comes to test preparation. I still use Quizlet, youtube, and other online resources to add on to my learning efforts. But these are my methods for test preparation.

joshua from Florida
College Freshman
University of Central Florida