Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test prep techniques
The most effective practices that have shown significant improvement are the following , occasionally I attempt to persuade my teachers into giving me a modest amount of information by asking multiple questions which will eventually lead them to immediately contain themselves from going on any further when they realize their explanations were rather verbose. I then proceed to gather my essential materials and color coordinate information based on my knowledge range in each subject. The week prior to taking the exam I have my instructor validate the information on the test prep material before examining it any further, ensuing those methods I will continuously analyze the information until it perforates my mind leaving me with a higher intellectual occupation than when I began my study session, preparing for an exam requires a positive and quiet environment, essential oils always seem to help my concentration capacity by deteriorating my anxieties. Studying in the evening has proved to be the most effective route in the different educational practices I have set for myself, the information I studied the night before stays fresh in my mind making it an unchallenged task to remember the information obtained. These tactics were taught to me at a young age which have prepared me to be successful when trying to pursue a higher education.

Alondra from Arizona
High School Senior
Rio Rico Highschool