Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

A prime example where I overcame an academic challenge was this past year in my AP Biology class. After the first few days, our teacher briefed us saying that we will have to put in a lot of work to get the grade we want. Going into the first, I was confident. We only reviewed concepts of basic biology. I was astonished at the 52% I received back. The class average was a D. Many of my classmates, including myself, were confused about how we did so poorly. Our teacher predicted this outcome and allowed us to do test corrections. From then on I was determined to get better scores. I began to read the chapter before he gave the lecture in class. This allowed me to get background on the information before it was covered in class. I would try to write down questions I had to ask in class. Previously, I would try to write down everything from the lecture and would never fully understand what I was writing. I chose to take less notes in class and focused more on understanding the concepts. Our teacher shared his power points, so after the lecture I would write my notes. I also began my review a week in advance, which helped me to space out my studying and balance homework from other classes. Finally, I would create a study guide that incorporated quiz and homework questions from the unit. Many times my review would include making flashcards or mind maps grouping together common ideas. This helped me keep a high B average on tests and receive an A in the class.

Paige from Alaska
High School Senior
South Anchorage High School