Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

If you asked me during my senior year of high school if my studying methods were effective, I would tell you of course they were. Up till senior year I had maintained a high GPA and did well on most if not all my exams. What I quickly learned in college is that the best study method for each course and test is extremely variable. Despite what some college students, and I, can tell you is that procrastination is never the answer. While it may be effective in the short term it does not work for long time retention. The quintessential point of college is to effectively learn and retain the material in many cases for a future career. When approaching a new class my first step is to develop a ‘plan of attack’ if you will. It consists of reviewing the syllabus recording important dates like tests, quizzes, and papers. Once they are in my calendar, I try to determine what the course structure will be like. Does your professor use power points slides, is the course discussion based, and are supplemental materials required? With the course structure in mind I come up with a schedule for studying. The best piece of advice I can give anyone is to: review the material as you go! At least once a week I would go over my notes, reading, and homework and create or add to my “Quick Review”. This review would consist condensed notes, flow charts, outlines, and flash cards. If found that if I spent shorter periods of time studying and created buildable study materials, I would be much more prepared and be able to retain the material. When studying seems impossible or you feel you are stuck it might be time for a change. Try asking trusted classes mates for studying tips, or even your teaching assistant or professor for help. Additionally, in our modern world you can even seek help online and receive tips and tricks from studying professionals. Classes can be difficult, but with an organized and adaptive study plan you can accel and avoid the stress of procrastination.

Anna from Indiana
College Freshman
Purdue University