Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying (to put simply) sucks, but the ways in which you go about it doesn't have to!

Throughout my high school years and now being a first-year college student, i've learned the best ways to retain important information. I'm a Biology major hoping to go to Dental School after graduation, and let me tell you-- there's SO much abstract & new information you have to memorize! So, to try to get myself in the studying mood, I absolutely have to chew on a piece of peppermint gum. I feel like the strong flavor wakes up my brain and signals it to start the studying process. After the gum is in my mouth and has been slightly chomped on, I start by highlighting the most important subjects I must know for the test/exam. After this I re-read my notes and try to memorize as much as possible. Next, is the most helpful studying trick which is re-teaching. By re-teaching what i've learned to my mom, roommate, or friend, I'm able to better retain that crazy-hard biology information. Not only does it help me retain information, it gives me confidence in my knowledge of the subject. When i'm re-telling information, I pretend that i'm in my professor's shoes giving a lecture on microbiology to hundreds of students. This makes me feel fully confident in myself and the subject matter, and when it's time to take the test i'll often perform better & relieves my test anxiety!

Alexis from Michigan
College Freshman
Central Michigan University