Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have different techniques depending on big or small the assignment is and whether it is a quiz or not. One of my study techniques is setting a timer for a certain amount of time to study your notes, so you don’t become overwhelmed. This technique is ideal for classes that rely heavily on note-taking to cover the material presented. For example, in my New Testament class that I took freshman year of college, I had to take notes to be able to study the material later, since the class didn’t have a textbook. Furthermore, I took notes in the outline notebook that was made for that class. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I would take notes in that class and it would be 2-3 pages worth. Now, you may be thinking, “That’s not many pages.” Well, it wasn’t but it was a lot of material on those pages that had to be studied constantly. I studied these pages every single day for 20 minutes throughout the week (and weekend) so that I was still able to understand the material from the previous weeks. I studied for just 20 minutes a day because it wasn’t too long for me or too short. I was able to get A’s and B’s on the hard-monthly tests because I took a little bit of time out of every day so the time studying added up significantly. If I would have crammed the night before, I would have failed that class.

Another study technique that I have may work better for the procrastinators or the fairly easy classes, is to study for a couple of days (or even one day) before the test. For example, I am taking Earth Science currently. In that class, we have one quiz every week. Typically, the quizzes are are really easy. If you have two days before an easy quiz or exam study for an hour for each day (I study the PowerPoints because our quiz questions come from there). If you are going to a basketball game, and you can only study the day before the quiz or exam, study for over an hour. Also, if you are feeling frustrated, give yourself a break, then continue.

Hope from South Carolina
College Sophomore
north greenville university