Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It took me a very long time to discover what test preparation practices worked the best for me. As a highschool student, I never had to study and graduated with Honors, but as I got deep into my first semester of college, I realized that high school did not prepare me to take college tests. So through a lot of trial and error, and average grades on tests, I finally figured out what works best for me.
The first thing that I have to do in order to prepare for a big test is narrow all my notes down to a single study guide. This helps me because I am not trying to remember unimportant details, but just learning the key points of what is going to be on the upcoming test.
The second thing I do is "teach" the material on the test. I bought a big dry erase board and will right out the information and teach it to my mom. She could ace the test as well by the time we finish this test. This helps me learn the information in a way I understand.
And the last thing I do is make my own test. I always make the test short answer because I find that I learn the information a lot better when I have no choices like a multiple choice test would have.
The most important thing I do to prepare for a test is always wear my "Lucky test socks" the day of the test. I am in nursing school, so my lucky socks have stethoscopes, scrubs, and X-rays on them. Everytime i have worn my lucky socks I never make below a B on the test, I even wore them while taking my nursing entrance exam, and made one of the top highest scores.

Julianne from Georgia
College Sophomore
South Georgia State College