Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Although test taking is a normal part of life as a student, it can still be very difficult to keep anxiety and nervousness to a minimum. The key to success on tests, is to prepare for the tests before they are administered.
For me, the first step is to know the date of the test. This is key because I allow myself to create a schedule for studying, well before the test arrives. I tend to study notes, homework, and quizzes by unit or chapter so that the information is easily organized in my mind. While studying various types of material, it is important for me to read questions and solve them over and over again without knowing what the answer is beforehand. This works in math, science, and really any other subject.
I believe that the main issue regarding tests is the over emphasis on getting a good grade. Tests are NOT an evaluation of how well you can take a test. Tests are supposed to evaluate how well you understand the topics that you are learning in class. Teachers, parents, and students are to blame for this. I study in order to understand the information that is being taught to me, and by doing so, my test grades so far have rewarded me for this philosophy.
My two main focuses on preparing for tests are time management and emphasizing the understanding of topics instead of trying to get a good grade. I think that these two focuses work for me because they are different than what some of my other peers do to prepare. I see many people trying to cram information the day before a test. I have seen that sometime it works and other times it doesn't work. My method brings much needed stability and it also decreases my chance of becoming nervous.

Caleb from Georgia
College Freshman
University of Georgia