Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

At a young age, I was never exposed to the term “studying,” because at the time I never needed to and neither was I introduced to the phrase itself. At the ime, there was no such thing as a vocabulary term, or mnemonic I had to memorize within elementary school, but when it came to middle school, changes had to be made. My first day of middle school had come to a time where school reports and behaviour mattered. Reminiscing a couple years back, this all started during science class. We were learning about the evolution of volcanoes. We’ve been at this unit for a couple of weeks, and the days go by as our test is arriving into session. When I took my test that day, I didn’t feel anything. The blank emotion of unknown success and potential reward had come upon me during the day of my test, and even after. As my teacher gave me back my test, I failed.

When my parents saw my grades and my test scores from that class, they were not pleased. I was doing very well in my other classes because they didn’t require studying, but knowing they had high standards and were very strict, the outcome was rigorous and heartbreaking for them. They wanted me to do better, and while having a rough time while in my first year of middle school due to major consequences that had occured, it made it really hard to do great in my academics because I had lost interest very quickly over time.

As the first year of middle school had come to an end, it wasn’t a good conclusion. More consequences had begun escalating leaving me to construct myself into affixing my demeanor during the summer. I still struggled to find the right studying method in order to improve from the previous school year. Unfortunately, after penetrating for numerous times, I became very tired and helpless. Anything I tried didn’t seem to work and my brain just wasn’t processing the information regardless of the constant effort of repetition. As the following school year started, I tried to do my very best. I still didn't

Stella from North Carolina
High School Senior
Garner Magnet High School