Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

How many times have you showed up to a test and had no idea what was going on? Yes, I know. I know I’m not supposed to start off an essay with a question, but I’m sure we have all had a test where we just knew we were going to fail because the days before, we either haven’t studied or we did study but didn’t use an effective method. It is very important to have test prep practices that you rely on because you know they work best for you to understand the material you are learning and to get the grade that you want and have earned. For me those test prep practices are educational videos, quizzes, and flashcards.
I use educational videos the most because I am a visual learner. When I say educational videos I mean ones that are taught by teachers on their respective courses. I am able to find any video on any topic I need to study from. It’s the most effective way to help me learn and get the grade that I have earned.
The next effective method I like to use are quizzes. I usually use a website that generates a quiz on the topic that I choose. I also like to have someone quiz me on the topic if I have a study guide. The generated quizzes help me because I can get use to taking the test/quiz so I won’t be as nervous on test day. Having someone else quiz me from a study guide helps me memorize and study the content.
The last study method I use-- and probably the one I use the least, is flashcards. Now I don’t use it least because it’s less effective, but I use it least because it’s most effective for the one class I use it for--Spanish. I either go online and find flashcards made by teachers or I make my own flashcards; which is probably the best way to study since I am writing out the information first, I’m memorizing it better.
These test prep practices help me study days before a test and lower my chances of going into a test and knowing I'm going to fail. I know I can rely on these test prep practices to help me study and get the grade that I have earned.

Sydney from Illinois
High School Senior
DeKalb High School