Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Personally throughout the years studying has become really difficult for me. I have had a hard time processing and learning so in order to succeed I have had to come up with study tips and tricks that work for me. How I usually start is by going through my class notes and color coordinating the information that I need. These notes are then transferred into a study guide. I then take this information and make flashcards summarizing it. A weird trick that I really like is to use Mr. Sketch markers for the title area of the card. This allows me to connect the fact with the color and scent in my head, allowing me to memorize it easier. After writing it all down on the flashcards I have someone quiz and go through them with me. For the facts that I got incorrect I make up simple little things to remember it, sometimes these include jingles or rhymes. I then keep going through the cards that I got wrong until I get them all right. After I fully learned those I go through them all again. I've used this trick for all my tests especially finals and it helps calm down my test anxiety.

Lanaiyah from New York
High School Senior
Bethlehem Central High School