Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite way to prepare for an exam or test is to plan the week before to schedule study times for the week of the test. I always study in sessions of 30 minutes with 15 minute breaks, and on those breaks I typically like to listen to some music or maybe get up and walk around to get my brain ready to focus again. During study time, I put all devices up or off. I will glance at my phone to check a text on my break. During study time, I like to review my outlines from my readings of chapters and go through what I understand the best and what I need to improve my knowledge on.

Along with my outline review, I will take the things I need to improve on and making visual aids and watch videos to give myself a better understanding of the subject. I will study the visuals and notes throughout the week and quiz online with learning sites to be sure I understand the subjects before the test. The night before the test, I like to review online flashcards and quizzes.

The morning of the test, I like to eat a nice healthy breakfast with some fruit and eggs. I take a shower and wash my hair and face well. Typically, I like to dress more comfortable for tests so I am not worried about how I feel in an outfit and I feel more relaxed than nervous. I will study before I leave the house, then get to the testing area an hour or an hour and a half before the test to study again. I enjoy this routine because it helps me feel more confident in my answers if I can remember the facts and formulas I need for the testing.

Destiny from West Virginia
College Sophomore
West Virginia State University