Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices consist of several steps. I first need to find out the topics that will be covered for the test. After that I will collect all my notes, any other materials I need, internet links and book pages related to those topics. Once I have all those, I create a schedule making sure I can study all the topics. I will calculate how many days I have time to study and how many hours I should study per day. There might be times that my allotted times are not enough or I have less time then I will adjust the succeeding days accordingly. I will of course make sure I take enough breaks in between studying, like just get up and stretch or eat/drink something. On some occasions I might do some group study with classmates because sharing some ideas with others will also help broaden my knowledge. The night before the exam I will just do a summary review of major points so I will not tire my brain. On the test day, I try to relax and calm myself. There might be days that I panic and feel I have not studied much but I reassure myself that I have done all the best I can do and be confident that my studying will show during the test.
The above steps work for me because I am not cramming my studying the last minute and I am organized with what I need to study and when I should study. It will also make me less stressed during test day. On most occasions it results to me getting good grades on the test.

Nathaniel Lewis from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Avon Grove Charter School