Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To do well on a test or exam, it is very important to build good study habits. As my first year of college has been completed, I have come up with different ways that help me do well on exams. I learned that in college you have to advocate for yourself; the teachers are not going to do it for you. For me, study habits all depend on the exam format and what strategy will work best. Developing good study skills will become essential for me as I pursue a bachelor’s degree in education. Depending upon how the exam will be formatted, I will adjust my test preparation.
When the exam is multiple choice, I will use flashcards to help me remember the information. To make the flashcards more useful, I use color pens to categorize. At first, the only thing I do is write the content on the flashcards; I include information like key terms and facts, not trying to remember anything. When the flashcards are finished, I start to study. In the beginning, I read them out loud. Reading the information out loud helps me recall the terms and facts later. Then I make two groups, A and B. Group A includes the cards I know and group B includes the ones I need to review. As I get better at remembering the information, the study time lessens and the stack of flashcards in group B start to get lower until there are none!
If the exam format includes short answers, I write the response on paper. (That was not as effective as I thought.) However, I came up with a new idea, using a whiteboard to help me remember what to write for the question. This helps me practice so when it comes time for the actual exam, I feel confident. In the first round, I write down the question and answer in a complete sentence, like reviewing. The next round is when I answer the questions on my own without looking at the answer. If I get stuck, I will look at the question and put it off to the side, so I know that I need to study that one more. I will know that I have it down when I have no trouble at all.

Samantha from Massachusetts
College Sophomore
Rivier University