Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In college, I learned the holy grail of studying and I believe all college students should live by, and that's "Study SMART, not hard!" This quote alone helped me save so much stress and time when studying for tests. Students usually get overwhelmed when presented a test day and start to panic. However, I begin to relax and focus on what's important, and that's passing!

Planning study times into my schedule helps me prepare to study for the test. Not having a plan or schedule makes me feel unmotivated to do it since it's a feeling of forcing study time into my already planned day. When planning hours in my day to study, my mindset is being prepared throughout the day and I will be ready to study when the time comes. Planning is important because it keeps me
organized and more productive!
Professors usually give study guides, or chapters to study for the upcoming test. This gives me the advantage of doing well on the test because not only do I have to worry about what to study, I am now given a guideline of what exactly will be on the test thanks to the study guide! If chapters are given, I list the chapters required so I can have a visual of the chapters I need to know, this helps me not panic and overwhelm myself. Instead of reading through pages of chapters, I go to the chapter summary and cover all key points mentioned in the summary. The chapter summary tells me what is essential to know and I won't be overwhelming myself with so many words and information I'm not even sure it will be on the test.

In between studying, I take a free 5-10 minute break. During this time I reward myself for the hard work done such as a hobby, eating a snack, a quick nap. This keeps me focused, and I won't feel like I'm overstudying and makes it more fun since there's a reward involved.

Study SMART, not hard!!!

Yasmine from Georgia
College Sophomore
Clark Atlanta University